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Embraced VLOG: Week 5

Cultivate Truth: 100 Days in the Word

Summer can be filled with fun and relaxation, but it can also bring extra demands on our time and even distraction. We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us here and make a commitment to your personal soul care and spiritual growth. We hope the wisdom and insight offered by our Cultivate Teaching Team has made this a summer marked by the truth of God’s word. Remember, if you’ve missed any part of our series, you can visit our home page at any time to catch up.

This week, we welcome Shanalea Atchison to share what it difference it can make when we pursue God above everything else.

Hey ladies,

Around this time of year, I tend to experience wanderlust as I scroll through Instagram or Facebook. I see other people’s vacations to some tropical island. I see happy kids who are having fun and enjoying each other. In the midst of my scrolling, I quickly become dissatisfied with my own life and the summer I am having…or not having. I begin to wish and want for something different than what is in front of me. Twinges of bitterness and sadness begin to creep in and I quickly lose sight of where my true satisfaction comes from.

Let’s journey together this week as we bravely face some of the broken places inside us that run to all the wrong things looking for an internal satisfaction that can only be found in God.

With love,


Let’s Dig Deeper:

This week, read Days 29-35 of Embraced. Answer the following questions on your own or discuss them with a friend and/or your community group:

  1. Satisfaction comes when we actually know what our hearts are longing for. What are some things you are longing for?
  2. Now that you have identified some of those longings, where are you going/to whom are you looking to find your satisfaction?
  3. Read Matthew 6:33-34. How can you seek the Kingdom of God today above all those other desires or longings?
  4. In the Bible, God tells his people over and over again to not forget, but to remember: to remember what He has done, what He has brought them out of and the enemies or situations He has delivered them from. Take a moment and remember all the things that God has done for you and then write out a prayer of thanksgiving. Pray this prayer out loud to your Father in heaven.


Shanalea Atchison is an Enneagram 7 to the core. To her, life is a grand adventure. Shanalea loves life, people, traveling, having fun, dancing and sushi. She loves ALL the things. And she loves her family: Adam, the Campus Pastor at East Valley, and her 4 boys, Avery (16), Aiden (12), Asher (10), Axel (8). To Shanalea’s surprise, she has even come to love Snicker Ellsworth (1), her family’s chocolate lab. Oh, and in her spare time, she’s a 5th grade teacher and a ROGO School student.


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