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Embraced VLOG: Week 4

Cultivate Truth: 100 Days in the Word

Welcome back to our Cultivate Summer VLOG series. This week marks the halfway point of our series and we hope you’ve been encouraged, inspired and challenged as we’ve cultivated God’s word into our hearts and lives. We’d love to hear from you! We invite you to share a comment below or on Instagram and Facebook to let us know what you’re learning this summer.

This week, we welcome Christina Crowley to share about the power of choices in our relationship with God.
Thank you for joining us. We’re so glad you’re here!

Hi ladies,

This week in our devotional, I was reawakened to the truth that a life surrendered to God is about RELATIONSHIP not DICTATORSHIP. A dictator rules and gains their power by force. There is no choosing involved. A loving God doesn’t work that way. The most important decision we’ll make this side of Heaven starts with the choice to believe and receive Jesus as our Savior. If choice initiates a relationship with God, why would choice cease to exist in living a life following Him…especially when facing tough decisions?

Often we don’t want to mess things up by choosing wrong, so we don’t choose at all. Then, we find ourselves stuck in the Valley of Indecision begging God for a metaphorical neon sign that says, “Go This Way!” before having the courage to move. But what if God invites us into a conversation that leads to movement instead of just dictating what we should do? What if God desires for us to be declarative with our hopes, desires and dreams as we seek His will? What if God trusts US, because He knew when we chose him, the Holy Spirit would take up residency in our souls to work things out for our good and His glory, even if we got it wrong?

The ability to choose in our relationship with God makes space for love, honor, sacrifice and maybe most importantly intimacy, all while pursuing a common direction together.

Much love,


Let’s Dig Deeper:

This week, read Days 22-28 of Embraced. Answer the following questions on your own or discuss them with a friend and/or your community group:

  1. Life is full of hard decisions and sometimes it can feel like our trajectory is based on one right or wrong move. Up to this point, what have been some key ways you filter through your decision making process?
  2. When you think about a life with God being about RELATIONSHIP and not DICTATORSHIP, how might that affect your connection and intimacy with Him in the face of making really hard choices?
  3. How much does choosing wrong, fear of failure or lack of clarity keep you stuck in the Valley of Indecision…the place where you feel unable to move forward in any direction?
  4. Read Romans 8:26-28. Is there a situation in your life where you don’t know how to pray or what to do next? If so, how does this verse give you faith and courage to move from “waiting it out” to “walking it out” through lack of clarity or indecision?
  5. Even though God is about relationship and not dictatorship, a life following Jesus is also about choosing to obey His way when we’d rather go our way. Identify an area you’re feeling especially challenged to surrender and be obedient in regarding your relationship with self, God or others. Is there a choice you need to make so that you can take your next steps forward in a healthy way?

In addition to being on the Cultivate Teaching Team, Christina Crowley has had the joy of leading worship for over 20 years and the privilege of overseeing the ROGO School of Worship at Sandals Church. Developing and empowering leaders to help others connect deeper with God is one of her greatest passions. Christina is married to the love of her life, Dan Crowley, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Sandals Church. Over the last 25 years, they’ve created many things together in marriage and ministry, but she’s most proud of their children Danielle (23), Makayla (21) and Nathan (16). The vision of being real with ourselves, God and others has radically transformed their entire family and they consider it an honor to advance the vision in any way. Christina is so grateful to grow in God’s word together with you this summer!

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