The Cultivate Podcast


Tammy and her husband, Matt Brown, founded Sandals Church with the vision of helping people to be real with themselves, God, and others. Out of that vision came her personal burden to inspire and challenge women to cultivate kindness toward one another.

Tammy’s heart is to come alongside women SO THAT they can grow spiritually wise, relationally kind, emotionally healthy and connected in community. Join her for a weekly podcast as she invites you into real conversations about what God’s word has to say and what it looks like for us—REAL women—to cultivate it into our everyday lives.



Available Episodes:
(listen here in order of airing)

Episode 1 | Why Community Matters: Real Conversation about the power of community and all things Cultivate 2019.

BONUS Episode: Real Questions. Real Conversation: Tune in as Tammy Brown and Melody Workman get REAL and answer your questions on marriage, mother in laws, sex and cultivating kindness.

Episode 2 | HOW TO…Not Be Weird: Community Group Necessary Realness: Who’s the weird one in your community group? If you’re not sure, it might be you! Join Tammy Brown and Melody Workman for REAL conversation about the do’s and don’ts of cultivating community and how we can love EVERYONE in our group well.

BONUS Episode: Real Conversation on Community: Tammy and Melody answer your REAL questions about connecting in community including how to handle “that one lady,” quit girl cliques, and soften up your RBF. 

Episode 3 | HOW TO…Not Be Drama: No matter how you slice it, it’s time to cut OUT the drama. Tammy and Melody get REAL about the ways women get caught up in drama and how we can instead cultivate a drama free life. 

Episode 4 | HOW TO…Not Be Ridiculous on Social Media: What does your social media life look like? Do your friends have to mute you just to get a break? Do you sit on the throne of YOU? Do you suffer from “keyboard courage?” STOP BEING RIDICULOUS! Tune in as Tammy and Melody talk about how we can be a community of wise and kind women who are stewards of, not slaves to, social media. 

BONUS Episode: Real Conversation with Mrs & Misses Brown: Get ready for some TRUTH bombs! The women of the Brown Family are opening up about life as a PK, why you’re not your kid’s friend, the no dating rule and how the ROGO vision can change your family.

Episode 5 | HOW TO…Be Bold and Not Be a B—-: A REAL conversation you cannot miss! Tammy and Melody are joined by special guest, international speaker and best selling author, Lisa Bevere. We’re talking about why people should never be surprised by our kindness, how to speak the truth without silencing others and why being bold can also mean being gentle. Tune in for an episode packed with TRUTH!

Episode 6 | HOW TO…Navigate Emotional Health, Spiritual Growth and Relational Conflict: It’s the triad to being a whole, healthy woman of God. Tammy and Melody answer your “how to” questions about being women who wisely invest in self care, diligently commit to spiritual growth and authentically cultivate safe, fulfilling relationships. This is a REAL conversation sure to equip and empower each of us to pursue our best lives

Episode 7 | HOW TO…Have REAL Friendships: Is REAL friendship possible? Tammy and Melody talk about why their friendship works and share how we can learn to intentionally cultivate healthy, authentic and KIND friendships of our own. 

Episode 8 | HOW TO…Cultivate a KIND Table: This is for the woman who believes kindness matters! Tune in as Tammy and Melody share an incredible opportunity for YOU to serve as an ambassador of kindness, setting a table for the women in your community AND making room at the table for even more women to taste and see what kindness can do. This is your chance to bring the vision of exceptional kindness to your community in an unforgettable way!

Episode 9 | HOW TO…Be Kindness to People in Grief – Part 1: Grief is a unique and complex road that most of us would never choose to travel. Although people are well intentioned and want to be helpful, they (and we) can too often say and do the wrong things in the face of grief. Special guest, Kayla Stoecklein, joins Tammy and Melody for a REAL conversation on HOW TO be kindness to people in grief. Listen in to part one of this two part episode as they discuss how we can do better when handling grieving hearts.

Episode 10 | HOW TO…Be Kindness to People in Grief – Part 2: Tammy and Melody continue their conversation with special guest, Kayla Stoecklein as she hones in on the NOT SO helpful things she encountered on her personal journey through grief, even from a well meaning Christian community. Listen in for valuable lessons as we learn HOW TO be kindness and walk alongside those facing pain, brokenness and grief. When we know better, we do better and this is an area where we want to be women who offer our most KIND selves.

Episode 11 | HOW TO…Use the Enneagram to Make the Holidays a More Wonderful-ish Time of Year: Is the struggle to be your best self REAL during the holidays? Tune in as Tammy and Melody share how the enneagram can help each of us be a little less crazy and a lot more KIND. If you’re dreading family drama, high pressure gift giving, celebration burnout or that one control freak (you know who you are), we’ve got you covered! We’re talking HOW TO avoid the angst, embrace the beauty and make this a more wonderful-ish time of year for yourself and the people you love.

Episode 12 | HOW TO…Trade Pressure for REAL Peace: Is it just a fad or far-fetched idea that we can exchange pressure for peace? In this episode, Tammy and Melody share life lessons they’ve learned as they navigate the pressure and imperfection of family, work and life and try to pursue a more peaceful mindset. If we’re willing to ask ourselves some REAL questions and make peace a priority, Jesus truly can be our peace on earth.

Episode 13 | Best of 2019: REAL Friendship: Listen again to our most downloaded episode of 2019 as Tammy and Melody talk about the beauty and balance of REAL friendship. Learn why loyalty, celebration and protection can help you be the best version of yourself and grow in healthy, authentic friendship. Tune in, then take some time to reflect on how you can cultivate relational kindness in 2020!

Episode 14 | Cultivating Wholeness (LIVE): In Part 1 of our LIVE audience recording of The Cultivate Podcast Tammy & Melody announce our 2020 theme and get REAL about what it looks like to cultivate wholeness and live a life unbroken and undivided. So many of us struggle with broken relationships and distracted hearts making it hard to focus and find time to authentically connect with ourselves, God and others. Listen in to learn practical ways to seek, surrender and set boundaries SO THAT you can live a whole life. Watch Part 1 video.

Bonus Episode: Real Questions, Real Conversation (LIVE): In Part 2 of our LIVE episode of The Cultivate Podcast, Tammy & Melody answer your questions about the biggest challenges you face in your relationship with Jesus and how today’s culture makes it hard to be “all in.” You’re not alone in your battles to find time with God, avoid the constant noise and distraction or even to live in a world quick to judge your every move. Tune in for REAL conversation on setting simple habits, containing culture and being your own best protector. Watch Part 2 video.

Episode 15 | Cultivating Wholeness: You CAN do this!: A panel of special guests, including our own Pastor Matt Brown, joins Tammy to answer the question: in a culture that tells us to “be happy,” is wholeness even possible? Not only is it possible, but we know YOU can do this! Tune in to learn what it looks like to pursue wholeness in every season and why it’s vital we move beyond chasing feelings and toward a life that is unbroken and undivided.

Episode 16 | A REAL Conversation from Quarantine: Who knew?! We’re learning as we go and processing through the roller coaster of emotions that comes with staying home, social distancing and SO MUCH togetherness. Tune in as Tammy & Melody get REAL about how they’re surviving and thriving plus what they’ve learned that they hope sticks after this unsurpassed season in quarantine. Watch LIVE video.

Episode 17 | How to Change From the Inside Out When the World Feels Upside Down: We walked into 2020 basking in the luxury of planning and predictability and then…#pandemicproblems. We’ve ALL had to learn what it looks like to shift our priorities, hold plans loosely and surrender our idea of control. So what does it look like to become the best version of ourselves when the world feels like a battleground? How do we live out our faith in a culture that is tearing it down? Tammy & Melody look back at REAL life in an unexpected season and share why we still need to look ahead and cultivate truth, growth and wholeness into our lives.

Episode 18 | Want to Share Your Faith? Here’s How with Claude Hickman: So many people are asking if we’re living in the end times. While none of us know when the end is, we do know that all people will eventually meet their end. The good news? As followers of Christ, we have hope to share and the way we share it matters. Telling others about Jesus can feel hard and scary, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you don’t want to, wouldn’t know where to start or are worried you’ll say the wrong thing, join Tammy & Melody for a REAL conversation with special guest, Claude Hickman, that will encourage and equip you to tell others about Jesus.

Episode 19 | Want to Share Your Faith? Part 2 with Pastor Matt Brown: TCP welcomes PMB to continue this important conversation on sharing our faith. While nurturing relationships is vital to Christian community, we can’t care more about maintaining friendships than we do about saving souls. Pastor Matt joins Tammy and Melody to talk about taking ownership of our spiritual growth so that we understand the gospel, can accurately share it and correctly lead people to Jesus. Learn why we need to share the truth about sin on the way to the promise of salvation so that people understand how desperately they need a Savior and how much He loves them. This is a conversation that will not only help you understand the battle for your soul, but be REAL with others about the hope for theirs.

Episode 20: A December to Remember…or is it? Wondering how to find your holiday cheer in the tangled mess of angry people, politics and a pandemic? Us too! Whether the tension is on the news or in your living room, we’re all weary and searching for peace, stability and rest. This year definitely looks different, but rather than be discouraged, what if we’ve been given an opportunity to infuse the holidays with what is meaningful, memorable and REAL? No matter what you’re tangled up in, Tammy & Melody are challenging you to be wise and kind as you untie the knots and make this a December to remember.

Episode 21 | Getting REAL about letting go? What do you need to leave in the past? As women, we carry things – sometimes longer than we should, sometimes because we think no one else can. The new year lends itself to fresh starts, resolve and looking forward, but what about letting go? Tammy and Melody are challenging us to get REAL and ask ourselves what we’re carrying that needs to be laid down as we head into a new year. Maybe it’s a relational offense, personal loss or past hurt. It could be a choice that requires change, a discipline we need to cultivate or a boundary it’s time to set. If you find yourself hanging on, chasing after or living in the past, it’s time to get REAL about letting go SO THAT you can grow wiser and stronger moving ahead.

Episode 22 | No More Spiritual Snacks! Gatekeeping Your Spiritual Growth: The Cultivate Podcast is going weekly! We’re kicking off a month long conversation by learning what it means to be a gatekeeper, both cultivating and protecting our spiritual growth. If we want to grow in our relationship with God it’s vital that we learn the difference between a good thing and a God thing. Tune in as Tammy and Melody are joined by Diane Huntsman, the Cultivate Ministry Lead, for a REAL conversation on discipline, sacrifice and the consequences of compromising our spiritual health and growth.

Episode 23 | Setting Boundaries or Building Walls: Gatekeeping your Relational Health: We continue our series on gatekeeping by taking a closer look at our relationships. Whether you’re already setting wise boundaries or you’re too busy building walls, if you long for healthy and whole relationships, this is a REAL conversation for you. Tammy is joined by Melody Workman to talk friendship, feedback and following through on what is most healthy for you. 

Episode 24 | Protecting your Peace: Gatekeeping Your Emotional Health: Being a gatekeeper of our lives takes practice and discipline, especially when it comes to our emotional health. Healthy boundaries begin with us learning how to process our feelings through our faith, then cultivating the truth of God’s word into our lives. No one else can order our priorities and protect our peace. Are you the “fixer” of everyone who is left weary and worn? Is your social media scroll stressing you out? Does your body pay the price for your runaway thought life? Join Tammy, Melody and special guest, Vivi Diaz, for a REAL conversation on the blessing of boundaries and how God can use them to protect us mind, body and soul.

Episode 25 | How To Gatekeep Your Life with Gratitude NOT Guilt: We’re concluding our series on gatekeeping by tackling the g-word…guilt. As with any discipline, gatekeeping takes practice. It’s about progress, not perfection. Too often, we’re plagued by guilt for choosing what’s healthy for us over what makes everyone else happy. Our life matters and Jesus gave up His own SO THAT we can live with fullness and abundance, with gratitude not guilt. Join Tammy Brown, Melody Workman and Tiffany Parry, our Cultivate Ministry Supervisor, for a REAL conversation on how to steward our boundaries and support others in the pursuit of theirs. 

Episode 26 | Kindness: It’s More than Being Nice: We live in a world that’s pressuring us to mold our image to fit its ideas. Sure, it’s great to be nice, but what does it mean to pursue kindness as a demonstration of our convictions and character? Kindness is more than a trending hashtag, it’s a calling from Jesus and the story our lives tell. We’re kicking off a month long series on all matters of kindness by busting kindness myths. Join Tammy Brown and Melody Workman for a REAL conversation on what kindness is, what it is NOT and how we can choose to live it out for ourselves, God and others.

Episode 27 | Why Kindness? Because it Matters to God: Kindness is more than something we do. Rather, it’s the way we live. When we choose kindness, and when we don’t, we send a message about who God is to us and how He’s at work in our lives. We can talk to people about Jesus, but they’ll actually listen when they see Him in the way we speak, act and live. If kindness matters to God, it should matter to us. Join Tammy and special guest, Christina Crowley, for a REAL conversation on cultivating kindness into our lives as a spiritual discipline and response to what God has done for us.