Monthly Newsletter

Join us on this exciting new venture where we hear from Tammy Brown (cofounder of Sandals Church, our Pastor’s wife, and the director of the Sandals Church Women’s ministry), hear how to be in the know with all things Sandals Church Women’s ministry, and to cultivate God’s word into our actual REAL everyday lives through monthly devotionals from Mandy West (our Sandals Church Women’s ministry manager).

This will go beyond being just a “newsletter;” it will be a heartfelt way for us to connect, be inspired, and cultivate spiritual growth as the women of Sandals Church. This newsletter will serve as another platform for us to grow spiritually wise, emotionally healthy, relationally kind, and connected in a community of kindness as we cultivate following Jesus together.

Plus, you will also get first access to Sandals Church Women updates, upcoming events, early bird registrations, SCW merch opportunities, and more. You’ll hear stories of how God is moving in the lives of women at Sandals Church, as well as the opportunities available for YOU to be a part of it all.