Connect in Community

Community gives us a place to tell our stories and share our lives; a place to be seen and known. It’s through community that we encourage one another to keep our eyes on Jesus. Kindness is the conduit to invite women into Cultivate, but spiritual growth is the goal. Our heart is to create meaningful opportunities for you to grow spiritually wise in our community of kindness.


How to Cultivate Community



Our Sandals Church Groups Calendar has been created to help you establish healthy rhythms to connect, rest and build meaningful relationships one quarter at a time. Here are a two simple ways to cultivate community:

Start a group: Grab a few friends, classmates or coworkers, then choose a day and time to meet in a home, connect virtually or find a neutral location where you’re comfortable.

Join an existing group: Ask a woman you know if you can join her group so that you're among familiar faces. If you don't know anyone yet, we can help you find a group near you.

When you start a group, you’ll receive tools and training from our Sandals Church Groups Team. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more. If you’re an existing group leader and need to make changes to your group, use our Group Update form.


Next Steps for Community Groups

Community groups provide a safe place to be real as you cultivate God’s word into your life and live out what we’re learning on the weekends. Here are some next steps for you and your group:

  1. Attend your home campus or watch the weekend message. Then, meet with your group. 
  2. Use our Cultivate Reflection Guide to respond to the weekend message, as well as for your own personal bible study. During our seasonal book/bible studies, we’ll provide study content too.
  3. Choose the questions that challenge you to be real with self, God and others. It’s not about getting through the content, but about getting the content through you. 

It’s that simple! We encourage you to take ownership of your spiritual growth by committing to cultivate God’s word into your life, attend church on the weekends and be real with your group. 


Stay Connected

You’re invited to grow spiritually wise in our community of kindness by participating in our seasonal book studies and campus gatherings. Visit our calendar to find options to connect, learn and grow in the way that best fits your life and schedule.