Connect in Community

Over the years, we’ve had the incredible joy of watching Sandals Church women embrace the vision of Cultivate and put in the hard work of growing into who God has created them to be. We’ve seen the power of kindness and witnessed women both experience and embrace it. You’ve reached out with kindness, inviting even more women into our community.

Why kindness? Because it builds credibility. Kindness is more than courtesy, it’s character. When women feel safe, they can be real. When women are real, they grow in relationship with one another and more so, with God. Kindness is the conduit to invite women into Cultivate, but spiritual growth is the goal. We believe that growth best happens in the context of community.

Community gives us a place to tell our stories and share our lives; a place to be seen and known. It’s through community that we encourage one another to keep our eyes on Jesus. Our heart is to create meaningful opportunities for you to cultivate community SO THAT you can live out our vision to be REAL with self, God and others. Will you join us?

With love,

Your Cultivate Team


How to Cultivate Community

Ready to connect in community? Here are a few simple ways:

  1. Start a group of your own. Simply gather a few friends, classmates or coworkers, then choose to meet in a home, connect virtually or find a neutral location where you’re comfortable.
  2. Not ready to start a group? Connect with a woman you know at Sandals Church and ask to join her group. That way you’re among familiar faces. If you don’t know anyone yet, we can help you find a group that fits your location and schedule.
  3. Not quite ready to start or join a group? Try a group with no commitment or expectation. Keep in mind, groups vary by size, schedule and location. When you choose to try a group, you’ll be contacted by the group leader, who can answer any questions you have. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to find a group you want to join!

Start, Find or Try a Group

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about community groups. If you’re a group leader and need to make changes to your group, visit our Group Update form.


Next Steps for Community Groups

Community groups are meant to help you work out our vision to be real as you cultivate God’s word into your life. A healthy group will provide a safe place for you to engage in real conversation and apply what you’re learning from the weekend message.

Here’s what to do…

  1. Attend church or watch the weekend message. Then, meet with your group. 
  2. Use our Weekly Reflection Guide to reflect and respond to questions from the weekend message. You can use this for personal bible study through the week, as well as with your community group. You might even choose to combine our questions with those found in the weekend sermon notes. During our seasonal book/bible studies, we’ll provide you with specific study content as well!
  3. Under the direction of your group leader, discuss the questions that are most meaningful to you. Challenge yourself to be real with self, God and others SO THAT you can live out what we’re learning. 

It’s that simple! We encourage you to take responsibility for your spiritual growth by committing to cultivate God’s word into your life, attending church on the weekends and being real with your group. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about group logistics, content or leadership.


Stay Connected

You’re invited to grow spiritually wise in our community of kindness by participating in our seasonal book studies and campus gatherings. Visit our calendar page to find options to connect, learn and grow in the way that best fits your life and schedule. 

Listen to The Cultivate Podcast. Join Tammy Brown, our Cultivate founder and lead pastor’s wife, for a weekly podcast where she invites you to join her for REAL conversations about what God’s word has to say and what it looks like for REAL women to cultivate it into their lives. 

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