A Poem for Mother’s Day

They come in many shapes, sizes, and hues,
Teachers of manners- lace up technicians of shoes,
The mighty warlords of the weekend soccer teams,
The coke bottle glasses and mom jeans,
All knowing mystics- eyes in the back of their heads,
Nightlights, adversaries to the monsters under our beds,
The overtime working, on call, after hours,
Who speak with fireworks and flowers,
The ones who foster the big and little ones,
Be it by blood or choice, be us daughters or sons,
The field medic to the bloodied nose, scraped knee, reckless,
The magic kingdom’s queen, papier-mache crown, macaroni necklace,
God flows through her ways, pours out His kindness,
He gave us all the mommas to remind us,
That though we may pass them by,
That we may, ourselves, have little shoes to tie,
Though we have but a short time to share,
As the roles reverse, and gray eats her hair,
God gave us things like comfort and a mom’s embrace,
To be as billboards calling us towards His sweet grace,
To teach us of His perfect love, unconditional and so good,
Oh the gift, responsibility, trial, and beauty of motherhood.
Poem by Tyler Schaefer
Sandals Church Volunteer
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