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Be Kind First

Hi ladies,

This past weekend we asked you to wear your Cultivate gear (*squad shirt, sweatshirt or t-shirt) to church and introduce yourself to a woman you don’t know and be exceptionally kind.  

*don’t have any Cultivate gear? You can purchase some at each campus!

Wearing your gear is easy. But introducing yourself to a total stranger, this is SO intimidating and like the scariest thing ever right?! I know. Trust me!

In the early days of Sandals Church it was pretty much Matt and I (and Madison, but she couldn’t talk yet so she was of no help). Today at Sandals Church, there are literally thousands of people. Do you know how this happened? It happened by one person at a time, introducing ourselves to them, and being exceptionally kind. I kid you not, this is how it happened. Once people knew us and experienced kindness, they wanted to be a part of what God was doing with us at this place.

I’m no different than any woman out there. I much prefer when someone says hello and is kind to me first. It’s just so much easier and less scary that way. However, if we all behave that way, then no one would ever say hello first and be kind. I, like the rest of you, worried each and every time in those early days. “What if they think I’m weird, creepy, ridiculous, stupid, a Jesus freak?”  Embarrassment is one of my biggest fears in life and how embarrassing is it when someone thinks you’re weird, creepy, ridiculous, stupid, a freak? I used to worry about everything that could go wrong in reaching out to meet new people. However, my conviction and calling for what we were doing was stronger than my fear and we did it. We introduced ourselves to our mailman, grocer, co worker, neighbor down the street, everyone and anyone. Fast forward 20 years later, it looks like a lot more went right than wrong doesn’t it? Sandals Church has seen thousands of lives come to Christ. It is truly amazing!

Be encouraged and inspired to not be afraid of what could go wrong in introducing yourself to a woman you don’t know and showing exceptional kindness on the weekend. Rather, be excited about everything that could go right. You never know, you could be meeting a woman who is one of your new best friends. Let’s live out the vision of exceptional kindness towards the women of our church. That is a total win to me!

In the spirit of meeting someone you don’t know, if you see me, please introduce yourself (and be kind). I’d love to meet you!


Tammy Brown

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