Cultivate Discussion Guide


Let’s Cultivate Discussion!

Our Cultivate Discussion Guide is adapted with questions designed to help Sandals Church Women engage in REAL conversation and cultivate God’s word into their lives, relationships and circumstances—all while connecting in a community of kindness! You’ll find our weekly discussion guide right here every Tuesday by 6:00pm PST.

Under the direction of your group leader, you can answer the questions that allow you to work out [process, consider, reflect on] what we’re learning on the weekends and also discuss topics or issues that are meaningful to you and your group.

Keep in mind, your time together is not about getting through this content, it’s about this content getting through you. If you only answer 1 or 2 questions because there was a spiritual breakthrough, a woman needed encouragement or your group had rich conversation, that’s a success! Let the Spirit of God move, celebrate your wins and above all else…BE KIND!

How to Raise Great Kids
March 16 and 17, 2019

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