Armor of God

Truth, righteousness, peace, faith and salvation are essential to our wholeness. We need to put on these powerful tools every single day so that we are not only living whole and healthy, but living wholly connected to ourselves, God and others.

Let’s learn how to cultivate wholeness and experience REAL growth by studying the armor of God. 

Join Sandals Church Women as we’re reminded of the promise of our salvation and the wholeness that comes from pursuing Jesus, heart, mind, soul and strength. If you plan to do this study alongside a group of women, we’d love to know. You can start a group or email us at for tools, support and resources. 

Video & Discussion Guide Content: 

Week 1 Video: Tammy Brown – Wholeness & the Armor | Week 1 Discussion Guide

Week 2 Video: Donna Martin – Truth | Week 2 Discussion Guide

Week 3 Video: Melody Workman – Righteousness | Week 3 Discussion Guide

Week 4 Video: Vivi Diaz – Peace | Week 4 Discussion Guide

Week 5 Video: Rebecca Boganwright – Faith | Week 5 Discussion Guide

Week 6 Video: Christina Crowley – The Helmet of Salvation | Week 6 Discussion Guide