Galatians: Cultivating a Life in Christ

As women, we so often define our worth by what we accomplish. We measure our value by a checklist of achievements, and when we fall short, we wrestle with guilt and shame. Even other people’s ideas and opinions leave us feeling like we can’t keep up, like we’re never enough.

God’s word offers us clarity and truth about who we are.

Jesus saves us by grace and faith, not by rules and to-do lists. Believing we are fully known and deeply loved by God will change how we live. Join Sandals Church Women as we study Galatians and discover our real identity by Cultivating a Life in Christ.

If you plan to do this study alongside a group of women, we’d love to know. You can start a group or email us at for tools, support and resources.


Week 1: Galatians 1 | Melody Workman | The REAL Gospel and Grace  WATCHPRINTDOWNLOAD
Week 2: Galatians 2 | Nicky Whye | By Faith Alone  WATCHPRINTDOWNLOAD
Week 3: Galatians 3 | Morgan Teruel | Rescued by God  WATCH | PRINTDOWNLOAD
Week 4: Galatians 4 | Becca Boganwright | Known by God  WATCH | PRINT | DOWNLOAD
Week 5: Galatians 5 | Donna Martin | Free & Spirit Filled  WATCH | PRINT | DOWNLOAD
Week 6: Galatians 6 | Christina Crowley | Living for Christ  WATCH | PRINT | DOWNLOAD