Cultivate Reflection Guide

Our Cultivate Reflection Guide is written by women, for women SO THAT you can engage with the weekend message at Sandals Church and cultivate God’s word into your life. You’ll find our weekly reflection guide right here every Monday by 6:00pm PST.

Use our Reflection Guide for personal study, to start a REAL conversation with friends or for discussion under the direction of your Cultivate Community Group Leader. You might even choose to combine our questions with those found in the weekend sermon notes. Answer the questions that challenge you to live out what we’re learning on the weekends.

It’s not about getting through this content, but about getting this content through you. If you only answer 1 or 2 questions because God reveals an opportunity for growth, change or deeper conversation, that’s a success. As you reflect and respond, keep in mind, you might not be where you want to be, but if you pursue growth, you won’t be where you were!

When in Rome: Finding Power to Live Better
May 1 & 2, 2021

Following God in a culture that doesn’t is easier said than done. The book of Romans is full of foundational gospel truth that will teach us how our faith can influence the world around us, instead of letting others tell us what to believe – especially in the places where Christianity and culture collide.

Kindly Note: Since many of our Cultivate groups are participating in our Spring Book Study, we’ll be offering an abridged version of our Cultivate Reflection Guide for the next 6 weeks. If that’s you, we encourage you to choose at least one question to reflect on personally and/or discuss during your group time.


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