Cultivate Reflection Guide

Our Cultivate Reflection Guide is adapted with questions designed to help Sandals Church Women engage with the weekend message and cultivate the truth of God’s word into their lives, relationships and circumstances. You’ll find our weekly reflection guide right here every Monday by 6:00pm PST.

Use our Reflection Guide for personal study, to start a REAL conversation with friends or with your community group under the direction of your Cultivate Group Leader. Answer the questions that allow you to work out [process, consider, think through] what we’re learning on the weekends and lead you to reflect on or discuss the topics that are most relevant for you and/or your group. 

Our goal is to create meaningful content. Your goal is NOT to get through this content, but to get the content through you. If you only answer 1 or 2 questions because God reveals an opportunity for spiritual growth, relational change, ongoing encouragement or even deeper conversation, that’s a success. Let the Spirit of God move, celebrate your wins and above all else…be REAL and be KIND to yourself and others!

Pivot: Moving from Apathy to Empathy
September 12 & 13, 2020

*NEW series* Whether we want it or not, change happens. The more we try to cling to the way things have always been, the more miserable we can be. What if God wants to use change to change YOU? Use our weekly reflection guide, along with the weekend message, to respond in community and/or through daily personal study. Your goal is not to get through the content, but to get the content through you SO THAT you grow as you cultivate God’s word into your life.


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