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Our Cultivate Reflection Guide is written by women, for women SO THAT you can engage with the weekend message at Sandals Church and live out what we’re learning. 

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Use this tool to start a REAL conversation in community or to cultivate God’s word into your life through personal bible study. You might choose to combine our questions with those found in the weekend sermon notes on the Sandals Church app. It’s not about getting through this content, but about getting this content through you!


How to Pray… Through Disappointment
Pastor Matt Brown | June 25-26, 2022

If there’s one thing that seasoned Christians and new Christians can relate to, it’s the struggle with prayer. What are we supposed to say to the God who created the universe? Does he really hear us? What if we get the words wrong? As a church, we’ll explore these questions and more as we learn how to pray.




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April 2/3 – The Healer: Why God Allows Suffering
April 9/10 – The Healer: How Jesus Heals Through Us

Holy Shift:

Jan 8/9 – Holy Shift: More than a Resolution
Jan 15/16 – Holy Shift: Creating Sacred Space
Jan 22/23 – Holy Shift: Changing the Way I See God
Jan 29/30 – Holy Shift: Learning to Love My Enemy
Feb 5/6 – Holy Shift: Changing My Expectations of God

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