Peace Series

Peace. It is much sought after, but not always easy to attain. As we enter the busyness of the holiday season, Cultivate wants to give you a place to breathe—a sacred space to slow down, remember and ponder the beauty of the One who came to us…our Prince of Peace.

What does it look like for you to Cultivate Peace this Christmas season?

Join us for a simple journey to explore “peace” and the deep, rich meanings it holds throughout the pages of scripture. We pray these words would draw you closer to Jesus as we celebrate His birth.

Choose the post that speaks to your heart most or set aside some time this week and make your way through them all. Each post is accompanied by questions that will encourage you to still your mind before God, cultivate His word into your heart and pursue His perfect peace.

Merry Christmas, friends!


Cultivate Peace through Prayer

Melody Workman shares how we can shape our worries into petitions and praise.




Cultivate Peace through Trials

Diane Huntsman gets real about the journey toward peace in the midst of suffering and trials.



Cultivate Peace in Your Mind

Tiffany Parry reminds us that while the world tempts us with many temporary solutions, only Jesus offers lasting peace.



Cultivate Peace in Community

Dunya Arhns points us to the truth of God’s word so we can pursue peace with others.



Christmas is just around the corner. Maybe this is a season of reflection and rest for you. Maybe it feels a bit more like chaos and commotion. Maybe this Christmas doesn’t look at all how you thought it would. Regardless of where you sit today or in the days ahead, know this…

You are wholly and completely loved by a God who is not swayed by circumstance.

Yesterday, today, and forever more He is your Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. We pray that as you draw near to Him, as you cultivate His word and His presence into your heart and life, you would not only grow to be more like Him, but you would know His peace.

We wish you love, peace and kindness this Christmas,

The Cultivate Team