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Preparing for My Imperfect Progress

This week we begin our study through Lysa Terkuerst’s book Unglued, I am so excited to go on this journey together. As we start this journey, there are three really important things we all need to know:

1. This book is not a substitute for THE book. Lysa is a great author. She is a gifted story teller and this book is filled with amazing truths. But it’s important for us to remember that the truths she is sharing with us are inspired by and rooted in the ultimate truth found in God’s word. Her book isn’t meant to be a substitute for our Bible reading or study. That is why each week there will be time dedicated to Bible study and teaching when we gather together. If you’re going through the book with some friends or on your own, be sure to go through the questions we provide on the blog each week. 

2. This is a journey of imperfect progress. Once you begin reading through this book, you are probably going to feel both challenged and convicted. This is a good thing, but it is also a hard thing. Once we are confronted with some things in our lives that need to change, what lies before us is the hard work of actually changing. So remember, we are on this journey together. And we are going to celebrate our imperfect progress along the way. We are not always going to get it right. We are going to experience success, but we are also going to experience failure. So, tuck this away: There is grace enough for _____________.  Whatever it is, there is grace to cover it. We are going to stay committed to the process of growth regardless of how many times we blow it.

3. This is an opportunity to cultivate the heart of God in our lives. None of us needs one more thing to do. We are all busy, so whatever we are giving our time to better mean something. Book Club isn’t meant to just be a fun social time (though we want it to be fun) or just a Bible study (though we will definitely study the Bible). It is meant to help us on our journey of becoming REAL with ourselves, God and others. It is meant to help us become more like Jesus. Here is the truth: The world isn’t desperate for Christians who know more. It is desperate for Christians who will do more with what they know. So, as we read and learn, the outworking of that process should be growth. Cultivating the heart of God in our lives is worth everything we have, so let’s stay committed to the growth process – even when it hurts…and it will. But, when the growth process is painful remember that Christ is being formed in you and He will be faithful to finish the good work that He has started!

Are you ready? Let’s go.



Cultivate Book Club Week 1:

Small Group Discussion Questions

1. Share about a time that you felt severely unprepared for a task or situation you were responsible for. What happened? How did you feel?

2. The subtitle for our book this season Unglued is this: Making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions. Why is it hard to make wise choices when our emotions are raw?

3. Philippians 3: 13b, the Apostle Paul says “forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead…” What are some things you need to leave in the past as you begin this new journey of imperfect progress?

4. How can this group pray for you as you strive to become real with yourself, God and others?

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