Cultivate Reflection Guide

A Series Called YOU: The Individualist [Enneagram Type 4]
October 16 & 17, 2021

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Reflect & Respond: There is a difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge – we can “know” God and “see” Him move around us, yet still be far from truly experiencing Him. As you reflect on your personal relationship with God, what is one way you believe – heart and soul – that Jesus has changed YOU?

John 3:1-16 NLT. What from this passage or from the weekend message most stood out to you? How were you personally instructed, encouraged or challenged?

The Observer – the Enneagram Type 5






Core Sin


God's wisdom

Gain knowledge

To uncover truth


Making sense


Being incapable/not enough

  • How are you encouraged by the Observer’s inherent wisdom and pursuit of knowledge?
  • How do you relate to the Observer’s fear of not having, knowing or being enough?
  • The Observer thrives on being capable and self-sufficient. Sharing their thoughts, ideas and needs with others can feel too risky, causing them to withhold both their beauty and brokenness. Is there anywhere in your life where perceived risk is keeping you from being REAL with self, God or others? What is that costing you? What benefits or blessings might that be withholding from others? What is a step you could take to practice being REAL this week?

Cultivate Community: If you’re an Observer, be REAL with trusted community about any areas in which you’re struggling with feeling incompetent or insufficient. Share how they can help you feel understood and loved. If you know an Observer, share how their wisdom has blessed you and encourage them to be generous with it.

Treasures of Wisdom: We can learn just about anything with a quick internet search, but we can’t “know” our way into heaven. REAL change comes by believing in and living for Jesus.  

  • Read Colossians 2:2-7 NLT. Where are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge found (v3)? Why is Paul telling us that (v4)? Given that truth, how should we respond with our lives (v5-7)?
  • REAL life-changing and life-giving truth is found in Jesus and the fullness of God’s word. Is there anywhere else you’re turning for “wisdom” before you turn to God? How is that distracting you from God’s truth?
  • Is there anything in God’s word you’re struggling to believe because it contradicts what you personally believe is right and true? How is that struggle impacting your faith and growth?
  • While God wants us to believe in Him – heart, soul, strength and mind – He can handle our doubts and questions. Confess any doubts or even weariness of faith to God and ask Him to make His truth REAL to you SO THAT your faith can grow strong.

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