Cultivate Reflection Guide

Selah: Prayer and Communion Service
Campus Pastors | September 24-25, 2022


This weekend at Sandals Church, campus pastors invited us into a time of worship, communion and response to God through the Psalms. As you walk into a new week, use the following prompts to reflect, respond or discuss with your community group.

Read & Respond: We’ve linked a common translation of the Psalm for you. For added insight, read the Psalm in a few different translations or paraphrases.

1. Read Psalms 84:10-12. Reflect on a time when you chose God – His way, His word or His people – despite what the world offered, what others expected or even what you wanted for yourself.

  • In choosing God, how did you experience His presence and nearness?
  • Looking back, what is the good thing you gained because of doing the right thing?

2. Read Psalm 63:1-3. We all have wilderness seasons – whether it’s lack of motivation to spend time with God, doubt that He is working in our lives or even anger over what He has or has not allowed.

  • If you’re in a dry and weary season, be REAL with God about how you need His hope and help today. This may not change your circumstances, but let God remind you that you are not alone.
  • If you’ve come out the other side, how was your faith strengthened as result of enduring that dry season?

3. Communion reminds us that Jesus was forsaken SO THAT we never will be. He humbled himself to the point of death, and endured the cross and the grave to rescue us from our sinfulness. We are saved by amazing grace.

  • As you reflect on Jesus’ amazing grace for you, is there anyone in your life from whom you’ve been withholding grace?
  • You can never outgive the grace you’ve been given, but what is a first step you could take to give more grace? This might be an expectation to let go, an offense to forgive, a conversation to humbly begin or an apology to make even if you don’t think you should have to. That is grace.

4. Read Psalms 91:9-16. According to these verses, what happens IF we make the Lord our refuge?

  • Is there anywhere in your life, you’re trying to control the circumstances instead of trusting God or even asking others to help you?
  • In exchange for our love and trust, verses 14-16 tell us what God promises now and in the future. What does God promise to do when you call on Him? What is His promise for your future?

Prayer: Father God, thank you for being my shepherd – for leading me into peace, guiding me along right paths, protecting me in my darkest seasons and providing overflowing blessings in my life. I can forget to be grateful, and I can fail to give others the grace you’ve given me. Even still, your unfailing love pursues me every single day. Father, renew my strength and give me the courage to live out your goodness and kindness in the world around me.