Cultivate Reflection Guide

The Power of Us: The Power of Our Mission
May 14/15, 2022


Kindly Note: With many Sandals Church Women participating in our Spring Cultivate bible study, we’ll be offering an abridged version of our Weekly Reflection Guide. Continue to engage with the weekend message while participating in our study or simply return to the Reflection Guide once our season is over. 

Read: 1 Timothy 1:12-17 NLT

Reflect: As you reflect on the weekend message from your campus pastor, what most instructed, encouraged or challenged you? This could be any word, verse or point that got your attention.


1. The power of our mission is found in the miraculous truth that God wants to use us, saved sinners, to join Him in the work of saving other sinners.

  • Who in your life do you attribute with leading you toward a REAL relationship with Jesus? This could be someone who prayed for you, prayed with you or even who has modeled what it looks like to follow Jesus.
  • God not only wants to use you, but He goes before you and is already doing the work of changing hearts. How does that encourage you in the way that God wants to use you to reach others?

2. The power of our mission is found in telling our story as a display of God’s mercy.

  • What obstacles, if any, keep you from sharing your testimony [the story of what Jesus has done in your life] with others? This could be an obstacle regarding yourself, God or others.
  • God’s mercy for us means that there is nothing we have done or will do that will disqualify us from being on mission with Him. How does that free you to tell your story of God’s mercy toward you? In contrast, how does that challenge you to grow in your ability and willingness to tell your story?

Prayer: Begin by praying back Psalm 51:10-13 as you invite God to create in you a pure heart, a right perspective and a willing spirit.

“Lord, I believe that you lived, died and rose again, and by faith, through grace – and grace alone – I have been saved. Thank you for entrusting me with the mission and calling to share that good news with others. Help me to join you where you have already started working. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and give me the boldness, courage, mercy and compassion to share my story. I trust that I only need to be willing and that you will do the work of changing hearts. Amen.”