The Cultivate Podcast (LIVE)

If you missed our LIVE audience recording of The Cultivate Podcast, this is your chance to get in on all the goodness as if you were in the room!
Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this REAL conversation!

Part 1: Cultivating Wholeness (LIVE)

In Part 1 of our LIVE audience recording of The Cultivate Podcast Tammy & Melody announce our 2020 theme and get REAL about what it looks like to cultivate wholeness and live a life unbroken and undivided. So many of us struggle with broken relationships and distracted hearts making it hard to focus and find time to authentically connect with ourselves, God and others. Listen in to learn practical ways to seek, surrender and set boundaries SO THAT you can live a whole life. Part 1 audio available at, on iTunes or Google Play.

Part 2: BONUS Episode – REAL Questions, REAL Conversation (LIVE)

In Part 2 of our LIVE episode of The Cultivate Podcast, Tammy & Melody answer your questions about the challenges you face in your relationship with Jesus and how today’s culture makes it hard to be “all in.” You’re not alone in your battles to find time with God, avoid the constant noise and distraction or even to live in a world quick to judge your every move. Tune in for REAL conversation on setting simple habits, containing culture and being your own best protector.