Summer Book Club

While summer can mean sunshine and fun, summer schedules can be hectic and inconsistent. All the more reason we need to make time to invest in our spiritual growth and cultivate the truth of God’s word into our lives. Join us this summer as we gather in community groups to connect and grow spiritually wise through Adamant by Lisa Bevere. 

Lisa Bevere has spent nearly three decades empowering women to find their identity and purpose. As a New York Times bestselling author, internationally known speaker and a friend of Cultivate Women, we trust Lisa’s wisdom, value her insight and know you’ll be transformed by the uncompromising truth found among the pages of Adamant.

Excerpt from Adamant

What is truth? This has become the defining question of our time. But while everyone has an opinion, truth, it seems is getting harder and harder to find. Perhaps that’s because we are searching for something when we should be looking for someone.

Truth has a name. 

More ancient than time and more present than this moment, truth is not a river that changes with the cultural currents, but a rock—immovable, invincible, unshakeable—and the cornerstone of all we are and ever dream to be.

How to Join

The Cultivate Summer Book Club is a 6-week study that will be accessible, authentic and an anchor for your soul in a raging sea of opinions. Here’s all you need to do to cultivate truth with us this summer:

  1. Purchase Adamant by Lisa Bevere at your favorite bookseller.
  2. Connect with your community group. Not in a group? Visit to join a group or even start your own. All it takes is a few friends, neighbors or co-workers. While book club is best experienced in community, you are also welcome to study on your own.
  3. Read the assigned chapters, then visit, every Monday, beginning July 1 through August 5 for Adamant discussion questions alongside our weekly sermon questions in the Cultivate Discussion Guide. Under the direction of your group leader, focus on the sermon and/or book questions that lead your group into REAL conversation about what’s most meaningful to you.
  4. Gather, discuss and grow spiritually wise in a community of kindness. It’s that easy!

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about group leadership, logistics and our Cultivate ROGO box full of resources and tools to help you start a group of your own!

Discussion Schedule

Be prepared to discuss the following chapter(s) each week*, then visit at 6pm PST every Monday for questions that will lead your community group in REAL conversation about what you’re reading. If you’re studying on your own, make time to journal your thoughts and responses to discussion questions.

Week 1 – July 1: Chapter 1

Week 2 – July 8: Chapters 2-3

Week 3 – July 15: Chapters 4-6

Week 4 – July 22: Chapters 7-8

Week 5 – July 29: Chapters 9-10

Week 6 – August 5: Chapter 11

Freebie! Click here for your Cultivate bookmark with a handy copy of our discussion schedule. Tip: Print your PDF in “default” or “actual size” for optimal fit.

*Group leaders are free to adjust the schedule to meet group needs, however discussion questions will cover the weekly chapter assignments as noted above.

We’re so glad you’re making this commitment to your spiritual growth this summer. We can’t wait to hear what you’re learning! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to connect with our community of Sandals Church Women and share what you’re learning each week.