The Cultivate Podcast

Together we’re cultivating…

Real Conversation.
Real Community.
Real Lives.

Join Tammy Brown and Melody Workman of Sandals Church as they discuss REAL issues and empower women to Cultivate truth, live out their faith and connect with a community of kindness.


Available Episodes:
(in order of airing)

Episode 1 | Why Community Matters: Real Conversation about the power of community and all things Cultivate 2019.

BONUS Episode: Real Questions. Real Conversation: Tune in as Tammy Brown and Melody Workman get REAL and answer your questions on marriage, mother in laws, sex and cultivating kindness.

Episode 2 | HOW TO…Not Be Weird: Community Group Necessary Realness: Who’s the weird one in your community group? If you’re not sure, it might be you! Join Tammy Brown and Melody Workman for REAL conversation about the do’s and don’ts of cultivating community and how we can love EVERYONE in our group well.

BONUS Episode: Real Conversation on Community: Tammy and Melody answer your REAL questions about connecting in community including how to handle “that one lady,” quit girl cliques, and soften up your RBF. 

Episode 3 | HOW TO…Not Be Drama: No matter how you slice it, it’s time to cut OUT the drama. Tammy and Melody get REAL about the ways women get caught up in drama and how we can instead cultivate a drama free life. 

Episode 4 | HOW TO…Not Be Ridiculous on Social Media: What does your social media life look like? Do your friends have to mute you just to get a break? Do you sit on the throne of YOU? Do you suffer from “keyboard courage?” STOP BEING RIDICULOUS! Tune in as Tammy and Melody talk about how we can be a community of wise and kind women who are stewards of, not slaves to, social media. 

BONUS Episode: Real Conversation with Mrs & Misses Brown: Get ready for some TRUTH bombs! The women of the Brown Family are opening up about life as a PK, why you’re not your kid’s friend, the no dating rule and how the ROGO vision can change your family.

Episode 5 | HOW TO…Be Bold and Not Be a B—-: A REAL conversation you cannot miss! Tammy and Melody are joined by special guest, international speaker and best selling author, Lisa Bevere. We’re talking about why people should never be surprised by our kindness, how to speak the truth without silencing others and why being bold can also mean being gentle. Tune in for an episode packed with TRUTH!

Episode 6 | HOW TO…Navigate Emotional Health, Spiritual Growth and Relational Conflict: It’s the triad to being a whole, healthy woman of God. Tammy and Melody answer your “how to” questions about being women who wisely invest in self care, diligently commit to spiritual growth and authentically cultivate safe, fulfilling relationships. This is a REAL conversation sure to equip and empower each of us to pursue our best lives

Episode 7 | HOW TO…Have REAL Friendships: Is REAL friendship possible? Tammy and Melody talk about why their friendship works and share how we can learn to intentionally cultivate healthy, authentic and KIND friendships of our own. 

Episode 8 | HOW TO…Cultivate a KIND Table: This is for the woman who believes kindness matters! Tune in as Tammy and Melody share an incredible opportunity for YOU to serve as an ambassador of kindness, setting a table for the women in your community AND making room at the table for even more women to taste and see what kindness can do. This is your chance to bring the vision of exceptional kindness to your community in an unforgettable way!

Episode 9 | HOW TO…Be Kindness to People in Grief – Part 1: Grief is a unique and complex road that most of us would never choose to travel. Although people are well intentioned and want to be helpful, they (and we) can too often say and do the wrong things in the face of grief. Special guest, Kayla Stoecklein, joins Tammy and Melody for a REAL conversation on HOW TO be kindness to people in grief. Listen in to part one of this two part episode as they discuss how we can do better when handling grieving hearts.

Episode 10 | HOW TO…Be Kindness to People in Grief – Part 2: Tammy and Melody continue their conversation with special guest, Kayla Stoecklein as she hones in on the NOT SO helpful things she encountered on her personal journey through grief, even from a well meaning Christian community. Listen in for valuable lessons as we learn HOW TO be kindness and walk alongside those facing pain, brokenness and grief. When we know better, we do better and this is an area where we want to be women who offer our most KIND selves.

Episode 11 | HOW TO…Use the Enneagram to Make the Holidays a More Wonderful-ish Time of Year: Is the struggle to be your best self REAL during the holidays? Tune in as Tammy and Melody share how the enneagram can help each of us be a little less crazy and a lot more KIND. If you’re dreading family drama, high pressure gift giving, celebration burnout or that one control freak (you know who you are), we’ve got you covered! We’re talking HOW TO avoid the angst, embrace the beauty and make this a more wonderful-ish time of year for yourself and the people you love.

Episode 12 | HOW TO…Trade Pressure for REAL Peace: Is it just a fad or far-fetched idea that we can exchange pressure for peace? In this episode, Tammy and Melody share life lessons they’ve learned as they navigate the pressure and imperfection of family, work and life and try to pursue a more peaceful mindset. If we’re willing to ask ourselves some REAL questions and make peace a priority, Jesus truly can be our peace on earth.