We wholeheartedly believe YOU were made for community. Our desire is to create meaningful opportunities for EVERY woman to cultivate REAL community marked by exceptional kindness. You’re invited to join us for a unique, one night group experience that will empower you to serve as an ambassador of kindness, setting a table for the women in your community AND making room at the table for even more women to taste and see what kindness can do.

We’re setting a  Kind Table and you’re invited!
Friday | September 27, 2019

What is
Kind Table?

Cultivate KIND tables are a small detour from our regular group format that give you the opportunity to invite women to share in REAL community and experience exceptional kindness. Our heart is that you create an intimate, safe and welcoming environment, where your invited guests can share a meal, enjoy unique Cultivate content through a teaching video (available here on September 27) and engage in REAL conversation that will allow you to cultivate community. 

Listen in as Tammy and Melody share the heart and vision for Kind table!

Who’s Invited?

Whether in a community group, attending Sandals Church or simply an invited guest, EVERY woman is welcome to cultivate a KIND table:

  • Cultivate Group Leaders may host women from their existing group along with their invited guests.
  • Women in Sandals Church Mixed Groups can gather at a KIND table while the men enjoy time on their own.
  • All Sandals Church Women are welcome to host a KIND table or attend as an invited guest, even if you’re not in an existing community group or ready to join one.
  • EVERY Woman including friends, family, neighbors and co-workers is invited to experience KIND table!


Hosting Options for Friday, September 27

Host: Set a KIND table in your home.

Co-Host: Ask someone to host in their home. This frees you to focus on other details and share the opportunity to serve your group and guests.

Get Creative: If neither you nor group members have the ability to host, choose a neutral location where you can gather. Be sure it will accommodate your needs with enough seating, space to enjoy a meal and the ability to watch our teaching video.

Ready to host a Kind table? RSVP here!

Choose Your Meal

Decide on a meal plan that best suits you. You might choose to bless your guests by providing the entire meal and all the trimmings. Women can also share in meal planning by bringing a favorite appetizer, main dish, side or dessert. If you’d rather, everyone can pitch in for take out or food delivery. Be considerate of your guest’s unique needs and plan accordingly.


Extend a
Kind Invite

Your KIND table is an opportunity to love on your community group, as well as invite women who might not be ready to join a group, attend a Cultivate event or even a weekend service, but would willingly gather among friends for one night. Ask God who He wants around your table, then get the word out! We’ve provided printable invites in our Resource Section below or use group text, e-mail, e-vite or phone calls. Give everyone ample notice to save the date for September 27 and a few reminders along the way are especially KIND!

Set a Kind Table

The simplest table can be the most KIND. First, make your guests feel welcome and comfortable, then add those special touches that create an inviting table. Consider the skills and talents represented among the women attending and encourage them to cultivate those. Is someone known for creative table decorations, cooking a special dish or incredible desserts? Invite them to partner with you in setting a KIND table!

Here are a few KIND ideas to consider:

  • Create table settings with a place mat, charger or decorative element.
  • Add fresh flowers, a centerpiece, table runner or creative touch.
  • Use name cards (see our Resources Section) to assign seats and help women get to know each other.
  • Keep beverages simple with pitchers of water, ice tea or lemonade.
  • Make room for dessert, coffee and the fixings.
  • Don’t forget plates, utensils, napkins and glasses!

Choose Kind

As the hostess, you set the tone for your time together, so create a unique and memorable experience. Pray over the details and add elements that will make your guests feel invited into your community – like ice breakers, get to know you questions or simply easy conversation. Your time together will also include a 20 minute teaching video with Tammy Brown and Melody Workman (available here on September 27) that will lead your group into REAL conversation. A closing time of gratitude or prayer is a KIND send off too.

Visit our KIND Table Resources Section below for printable icebreakers and a sample timeline!


Serve your KIND table with love. This is an opportunity to show the love of Christ, rather than share the gospel. Go first by authentically answering questions, modeling kindness and encouraging each woman to participate in a way that makes them most comfortable. Everyone should feel safe and included, not awkward or overwhelmed. Be REAL, but above all else be KIND.

Continuing in Kindness

What’s next? Our hope is that your KIND table experience will bring you closer together and remind you of the power of community and kindness. If new women joined and are eager to continue in community, make an invitation to your group. If your group is at capacity, perhaps someone is ready to grow in leadership and start a new group? Your next step might be as simple as an invite to an upcoming Cultivate event, weekend service, or just to talk more over coffee. Seek God and step forward in faith and kindness, ensuring each woman feels cared for and loved.

Kind Table Resources

Kind Table Teaching Video – Available here on September 27, 2019

Kind Table Pamphlet

Printable Postcard Invites

Sample Timeline/Agenda

Printable Table Place Cards

REAL Conversation Ice Breakers

There’s a seat at the  Kind Table for you!

Thank you for partnering with us in this incredible opportunity to reach more women with our vision to be REAL and grow spiritually wise in a community of kindness. If you have any questions about KIND tables or Cultivate Women, connect with us at women@sandalschurch.com.

Discover creative ways to encourage others…doing beautiful works as expressions of love.
This is not the time to pull away and neglect meeting together…because
we need each other!
Hebrews 10:24-25 TPT


*THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. The Cultivate KIND Table Hostess giveaway is sponsored entirely by Cultivate Women and is not affiliated with Instagram or any other entity. Giveaway is open from Monday, August 26, 2019 through midnight PST on Thursday, September 19, 2019. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winners will be selected at random on Friday, September 20 per giveaway criteria from registered hostesses who’ve completed the RSVP form and will be notified via email. First prize winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Hobby Lobby. Second prize will receive a Cultivate inspired fresh floral centerpiece (valued at $40) from Angelica’s Florist. Third prize will receive a $30 Cultivate Merchandise gift certificate redeemable with Cultivate Women. Prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash value. First prize winner must reside in the Inland Empire and surrounding areas and must pick up giftcard from their nearest Sandals Church campus. Second prize winner is eligible for floral delivery within Angelica’s Florist delivery area or must pick up their centerpiece at 1015 E Alessandro Blvd, Riverside, CA 92508. Third prize is open to all US residents and is redeemable with Cultivate Women or eligible for shipping of $30 of Cultivate merchandise only.  Any merchandise in excess of $30 will be shipped at buyer’s expense. For more information, email women@sandalschurch.com